The Monitoring Quandary

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Continuous technological advancements and ever changing business dynamics have impacted the decision making of IT professionals and organizations. Their decisions for the new technology adaption are becoming myopic. They are based upon what is available in the market rather than a clear understanding of one’s actual requirements. Especially in the MENA region, the decisions for new tools and platforms acquisitions are based upon what has worked in Far East, Europe and Americas. This has resulted in purchases which are either too expensive, not customized to the use case or in delayed deployments.

The case of IT performance or security monitoring is not too different.

  1. Most of the IT organizations still need to understand the exact parameters they need to monitor aligned with the their customer SLA’s, KPI’s, operational workflows and services offerings.
  2. Per node based monitoring regimes make the end to end monitoring of the IT infrastructure very expensive. Resultantly, the decisions are compromised, holes are created and performance degradation goes un-noticed and un-addressed timely.
  3. The approach of buying a technological platform with its own monitoring tool has resulted in tool sprawl in the IT organizations. Too many tools to manage, no single pane of glass, no single source of truth, delay in the time to isolate problems and to resolve them. Off goes the digital transformation journey.

Organizations and IT professionals need to go back to basics and focus on what is important for them to monitor, identify the holes in their operational workflows and address them with an agile platform which can be adapted to their requirements and grow with their environment. The world of open-source and global culture of collaboration is making it happen.

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